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"Are We Going to be Okay?"

September 18, 2020
Civil Liberties

Chapter 1.



How many of us have asked that question within the last five months? Some of us have been asking this question since the world shut down; some of us for the last three and a half years since the last election; and for some, it is a decades-long source of inner turmoil that we are now seeing manifest. In a lot of ways the hurt we see globally is the kind of pain we have been trying to steel ourselves against. Yet, here we are and no amount of preparation could truly ready us for this hurt.


When we speak of “us” we speak of the individuals who routinely see past the current moment. We read subtext, not headlines; we seek deep truths rather than accept surface facts. We act out of deliberation rather than emotion. The trouble with us is that this kind of thinking is not inherently easy and “financial collapse” is never a fun topic of conversation. There is a reason that the current political climate does not deal in truth as their commodity. Truth does not bring the ratings, the site views, the funding, or the validation that they so desperately need.


We are watching devastating and sinister behaviors and attitudes unfold before our eyes. These developing trends are not new to the human condition; they have simply repackaged themselves under the veils of a (seemingly) evolved society. If some form of evil is allowed to manifest itself, it is only because those opposed to said evil (the aforementioned “us”) allowed it to grow. The good news is that since this has happened throughout history before us, then we already have the answers to combat this current evil. The difficulty is that we have to repackage the answers ourselves under our unique circumstances. Stated simply, history repeats itself but the Human Herd does not learn from history.


We believe the modern turmoil has been engineered by the roots deeply planted in the soil by those seen and unseen; by people and ideas of the past and present. The most sinister individuals who walk this Earth are playing for keeps. However, as the saying goes: “Two can play at that game.” Make no mistake, 2020 is merely the first move in what will be a long game. In this series, we will develop the thought process required that will help the virtuous of the world play to win and protect our livelihoods.


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