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"Human Nature"

September 18, 2020
Civil Liberties

Chapter 2.



No matter how far evolved modern society is, our being is driven by necessity. When we are hungry, we seek food and nourishment. When we are cold, we seek shelter and warmth. When we are threatened, we do whatever we can to ensure our survival. When our comforts exceed our need to scavenge, we become complacent and apathetic to newly forming threats. This concept applies to our current world as Western Societies are within the throes of a cycle transition.


We can see this complacency in a government’s cycle when elected and unelected officials offer their constituencies handouts, favors/influence, and other perks in exchange for votes towards the candidate. However well-intentioned these offerings may sound, we can see throughout history these are just meant to curry favor for special interests. The politicians drive attention away from their own selfish vices by feigning charity. We are seeing an inflection point in our current cycle that perfectly resembles this historical constant.


The other important cycle we are seeing rapidly develop is our human migration pattern. Humans have a tendency to urbanize/colonize when it benefits groups within society. When urbanization no longer offers mutual benefit between governance and the governed, the people decolonize. As we are seeing now, living in an urban city is becoming more and more dangerous and less and less fruitful for job opportunities. If we go back in time to The Roman Empire, we see that a similar kind of exodus took place after it topped out at approximately 1,000,000 inhabitants. In Rome, the military was promised payments and “retirement” benefits by politicians in order to secure their supremacy. Naturally, their leadership couldn’t pay for these promises and the citizens could not be further taxed. The military subsequently sacked their own people for remuneration, forcing the survivors to scatter.


Fast forward to the present and you’ll see that in Illinois, for example, a law was passed ensuring that pension payments be paid before all other expenditures. Imagine a state where there is no police or trash pickup, but under- or un-funded pensions receive precedence. Illinois is sacking their people and forcing them to scatter. Plug in any number of other nations, states, provinces, cities, municipalities, or school districts, (regardless of their “blue” or “red” leaning) and you’ll see that the situation is no different. In the end, Rome dwindled to about 30,000 people.


Understanding how human nature interacts with societal machinations like commerce and politics provides us with two things: acceptance of our behaviors and the clarity to find a solution. We must endeavor to challenge media pundits and popular opinion in order to navigate Winter within the context of history. It’s worth remembering that after Winter comes Spring, but the change of season can only come as we further seek to understand what got us to where we are.


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